Revolutionary New Initiative Rewards Employees for Saving Energy

Employees are now being empowered to save energy at home by pledging energy saving actions, entering raffles, and winning cash prizes. It’s all part of an innovative behaviour change programme being offered by ON5 UK – Energy100. This might change the way companies engage their staff and run energy efficiency programmes.

The pilot was trialled throughout 2018 and the initial phase has been recently wrapped up. It proved to have a potential to allow organisations to digitally track the company’s environmental impact and become a great addition to the companies’ CSR strategies and goals, whilst positively affecting employee loyalty and retention rates.

Employers helping to create domestic energy savings through engaging employees is novel for the UK market. Geraldine Fabre, Partner – Head of French Group, Sherrards Solicitors LLP said: “They [ON5] address in an interactive way issues that staff meet with energy saving, provide options, review and outline issues regarding carbon footprints, role model, myth busters. The aim is to help staff to learn more about the energy they use in their homes and how to reduce their consumption”.

ON5 was uniquely positioned to develop a behaviour change programme here in the UK. The ON5 team have already successfully delivered 100 digital energy efficiency programmes in France, to households, businesses and local communities. In the UK, Energy100 aimed to demonstrate that people could be persuaded to save energy with the right information and incentives.

The pilot combined a 30-minute face-to-face awareness raising workshop which was delivered at the workplace, and a digital hub. The digital hub allowed workshop attendees to pledge their energy saving action, enter a raffle and win cash prizes – on top of saving up to £300* a year on their energy bills.

And the savings can be impressive. Energy100 proved that if a company signs up 100 employees to the programme, there is an opportunity to make a total yearly saving of £37,170– which can go back into employee pockets – and also prevent 148,028 kg of CO2 going into the atmosphere.

Companies involved in the programme reported that it can be offered as a rewards scheme to their staff, having a positive impact on employee loyalty, productivity, improving wellbeing and even increasing people’s disposable income. Jon Saltmarsh, Head of Technical Energy Analysis, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said: “Looks like ON5 has found a great way to engage with energy users and raise awareness of how everyone can do their bit to reduce energy use and save money”.

Awareness of energy efficiency is on the rise, but behaviour change is hard to impose. Engaging people at work creates a social buzz that amplifies key messages and encourages people to take action. Energy 100 has also proved that face-to-face engagement, especially when combined with a digital tool, can dramatically increase people’s commitment.

ON5 plans to build on the success of Energy100 by developing a new mass-market service for the UK to help people achieve energy efficiency at home – conveniently and cost-effectively.

*Sourced from Ofgem

27 February 2019
London, United Kingdom

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