ON5 launches Energy100 Pilot – Energy saving reward scheme

ON5 Company UK has launched an innovative energy saving programme – Energy100. It was created to help employees save energy in their homes through engagement online and onsite.

Through 30-minute awareness raising workshops, Energy100 educates employees with quick and easy energy-saving tips for their homes. It is believed to help each employee to save up to ₤100 on their home energy bills.

Workshops are complemented by the Energy100 Hub. Energy 100 Hub is a digital platform that utilizes gamification techniques and rewards to incentivize people to take action to reduce their gas and electricity consumption.

Energy100 workshops and the hub have already received positive feedback from organizations using it as a great tool to engage their employees, help them save money on energy bills and decrease their carbon footprint. Jon Saltmarsh, Head of Technical Energy Analysis, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) commented: “Looks like ON5 has found a great way to engage with energy users and raise awareness of how everyone can do their bit to reduce energy use and save money.”

If you are interested in booking a workshop for your organisation, please contact SHEVALI PATEL, Energy100 Project Manager at + 44 (0) 7950598191, email spatel@ON5company.co.uk or visit here

16 May 2018
London, United Kingdom


Shevali Patel
+ 44 (0) 7950598191


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