ON5 Group Hosts “People, Planet, Profit” Breakfast Seminar

ON5 Group hosts “People, Planet, Profit” breakfast seminar in collaboration with the French Chamber of Great Britain and the Climate Change Forum.

ON5 Group’s breakfast seminar, “People, Plant, Profit”, hosted in collaboration with the French Chamber of Great Britain and the Climate Change Forum, tackled one central theme: how companies can place these 3 P’s at the centre of their business and why they will benefit. This theme was approached from many perspectives by keynote speaker Myriam Maestroni and experts from representatives from big corporates, SMEs and start-ups from the wide range of fields in attendance.

Jean Philippe Verdier, Founding Partner of Verdier & Co. Corporate Advisory and a co-chair of the Climate Change Business Forum, introduced the seminar by emphasising how it is critical for businesses to consider climate change in all future planning scenarios. Myriam Maestroni, founder of ON5 Group, the E5T Foundation and all-round energy sector guru, developed on this by explaining how she is optimistic about the future and strives to apply the 3 P’s concept in every aspect of businesses.

“Innovation is not just technical anymore,” she said. “We are experiencing innovation in thinking, mindset, attitudes. Innovation for business today is ultimately about service which cares about the people and the end user, which should be driving our attention in business. We should do our best to provide win-win experiences for everyone– doing something good for the world, society, the universe, as well as care about people working in the company.”

One such way that the UK arm of ON5 Group is enacting these 3 P’s, as described during the seminar, is through their Energy100 pilot project – an “innovative employee engagement programme” which combines an on-site half-hour energy awareness workshop and a digital hub, where users can pledge energy saving actions and win cash prizes. The programme is designed to help employees save energy at home, enable staff to live in healthier homes and increase their disposable income through encouraging reductions in their energy use. It also demonstrates to brands that incentivising their customers or employees to save energy at home can help generate revenue.

19 November 2018
London, United Kingdom

About ON5 Group
ON5 Group serves clients looking to reduce energy consumption and cut down on energy costs and carbon. ON5 Group use innovative digital tools combined with onsite workshops to drive employee, customer and supplier engagement. ON5 have clients across Europe in wide range of industries, including Carrefour, BNP Paribas, Total, SNCF, Enedis, EDF and many more.

The Climate Change & Sustainability Forum
The Forum was launched in 2011 to help businesses stay up to date with climate change and sustainability issues.
Members can exchange knowledge and practical data that can be translated into concrete business practices
The Climate Change and Sustainability Forum is aimed at CEOs, as well as experts and Heads of Sustainability leading their organisations’ climate change commitments.


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