Mike Hogg

Mike Hogg, our veteran energy expert, won the Energy Live News ‘Industry Advocate’ prize! A fully deserved winner of this award, Mike has for years been injecting much needed passion and energy into the energy sector. He has been working as a non-executive director for ON5 since the beginning of this year, using all of his sage advice acquired through many years in the energy industry to guide and mentor ON5. People and the planet are his passions and energy is in his blood, after nearly forty years with Shell, Mike is now engaged with a broad spectrum of charitable and paid endeavours across education, health and energy. Climate change has always been a huge concern for Mike, with one eye to the future for the planet we inhabit but also with the arrival of his grandchildren he has renewed his belief and re-doubled his previous drive. His focus is to make a difference in the interest that consumers have for energy efficiency and Mike continues with the same renewed belief and drive today.

Throughout and subsequent to his time with Shell & DONG Energy, Mike has not only focused on customer needs – but also the place, wider responsibility and role of the energy industry in society as a whole. As such, he actively engaged and continues to engage with initiatives or dialogues that foster positive understanding of the energy industry. He has embraced educational and development initiatives (focusing on supporting young entrepreneurs and renewable energy initiatives respectively), helped the Institute for Collaborative Working in 2016 to establish an Energy forum, continues to engage with groups and politicians both local and national on energy debates and was recently one of the three judges for the 2017 Teentech environmental project award. In short in everything that he does he seeks to explain and be an ambassador for the energy industry and this is why we at ON5 are so pleased that Mike has received the recognition that we believe he deserves.

Interview with Mike Hogg

15 December 2017


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