Economie d’Energie’s Energy Saving Platform Wins a Bronze Award

Economie d’Energie, the French parent company of ON5 Group, celebrates the achievement of receiving a Bronze Award in Social, Sustainable & Responsible Banking together with La Banque Postale. La Banque Postale was announced a bronze winner for its energy saving platform created by Economie d’Energie. Efma and Accenture announced winners from South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, recognizing innovative projects in retail banking distribution and marketing.

Retail banks are facing a growing competition from non-traditional providers, but they are standing up to the challenge. The geographic diversity of DMI awards’ participants demonstrates that innovation knows no boundaries, as digital adoption is quickly increasing across the countries. This year banks were recognized for their innovative projects that generated value for both customers and companies, including the platform for La Banque Postale, developed by the Economie d’Energie team for energy efficiency and renovation financing, launched in April 2018.

Economie d’Energie is well known for its award winning programmes, which have proved to be effective tools to address energy saving, CSR, green innovation, sustainable, organic and profitable growth.
Over the last few years, Economie d’Energie have built close partnerships and programmes for leading companies in different industries, co-creating unique digital platforms, whilst tackling climate change by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Just like its parent company, ON5 Group provide innovative energy efficiency solutions to households, businesses and local communities. Through the provision of energy efficiency programmes that combine digital platforms and face to face engagement, ON5 Group offer digital solutions to energy management, helping a variety of stakeholders save on energy costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions. Expanding on the success of the French parent company, Economie d’Energie, ON5 Group now operates in four countries: Economie d’Energie SAS (Paris), ON5 Srl (Milan), ON5 Company Ltd (London) and ON5 Company Spain S.L. (Madrid). With more than 50 digital platforms, 3.5 million web visitors per year and having driven 500,000 renovation projects, ON5 Group is one of the leading digital energy efficiency services companies in Europe. ON5 Group provides scalable, impactful energy efficiency programmes enabling its partners to generate additional revenue and offer new services.

Myrian Maestroni, founder of Economie d’Energie and ON5 Group commented: “It is with great pride that we come to announce that our platform for the financing of energy efficiency and renovation has received the Prix de Bronze Innovator Award in responsible banking. We always thrive to deliver value to our clients and their customers, becoming part of the solution in tackling the climate change at the same time. I would like to thank all the teams that have worked on this project”.

18 October 2018
Lisbon, Portugal

About La Banque Postale
La Banque Postale is a French bank, driven by the post office values of local presence and service. It serves more than 10 million active personal customers and 475,000 business customers, who is attracted by its commitment to build a long-term relationship with each individual on the basis of sound advice and trust.

About Economie d’Energie
Economie d’Energie is an international consultancy firm born from the energy transition.
Economie d’Energie work with businesses, providing strategic advice and operational support though innovative B2B and B2B2C solutions and turning environmental and economical/tax constraints into opportunities.

About ON5 Group
ON5 Group serves clients looking to reduce energy consumption and cut down on energy costs. ON5 Group use innovative digital tools combined with onsite workshops to drive employee, customer and supplier engagement. ON5 have clients across Europe in wide range of industries, including Carrefour, BNP Paribas, Total, SNCF, Enedis, EDF and many more.


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