4 Ways Your Company Can Contribute to Energy Efficiency Day

This year commemorates the 4th National Energy Efficiency Day in the US and Canada. Businesses all over the continent are taking actions to commit themselves to lowering their carbon emission – and saving money in the process.

Even if National Energy Efficiency Day hasn’t quite made it across the pond yet, your company can still take part!

Make Easy In-Office Switches

There are many low-budget, quick fixes that an office can take to reduce both their carbon footprint and their energy bills. Some top contenders:

  1. Switching to LED lights
  2. Turn electronics off when not in use
  3. Seal draught and leaks around chimneys and windows
  4. Open blinds to allow sun in during the winter to warm up, close them during the summer to keep cool

There are many more actions that a company can take, ranging from promoting a Bike-to-Work Scheme or switching to water and electricity efficient appliances. Consider Energy Efficiency Day just a start, and start talking to your team about bigger improvements!

Motivate Employees to Take Action at Home

Almost all the actions above can be carried out at home, too! Help motivate your employees to take energy saving measures at home by teaching them about the cost and health benefits. Set up a competition or scheme to incentivize employees to go the extra mile, or perhaps offer subsidies or benefits for those wishing to invest in long-term energy efficiency improvements, like solar panels or electric cars.

Share Your Efforts on Social Media

Whether you’re starting small or your company is an energy efficiency workhorse, share your actions and progress on social media. Use hashtags like #EEDay2019 #energyefficiency or #carbontransition to help share your work and motivate others.

Create Your Own Energy Efficiency Day Proclamation

Energy Efficiency Day was declared official by the US Senate and this year over 21 universities, states, counties and city governments have signed on to take part. You can find a toolkit for declaring proclamations here; although its targeted towards American companies and policymakers, it’s a great framework for developing your own proclamation, and provides guidance for reaching out to your local government representatives.

Energy Efficiency Day may officially come just once a year, but truly everyday is a day to make improvements in our energy spending. By working together, pursuing innovative solutions and inspiring others, we can work towards our global goals to reduce carbon, while saving individuals and businesses money and creating a healthier world for us all.

2 October 2019
London, United Kngdom


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