"Climate leadership has never been more important than it is right now, and it is inspiring to see so many diverse companies and brands boldly raising their ambitions"
Lise Kingo
CEO and Executive Director, UN Global Compact

Our Story

The ON5 Group was born when Myriam Maestroni started a company that became a leader in digital carbon savings programmes. Since then, the company has expanded from 10 to over 250 employees in 4 different countries – and helped thousands of people reduce their carbon footprints while saving money.

In the UK, the ON5 team is building new mass-market services to create demand for energy-efficient home improvements (‘retrofit’), and meet that demand with excellent service – saving carbon and making happy customers in millions of UK homes.

The white-label services we’re building will help existing consumer brands – through their customers – contribute effectively to the UK’s journey to net-zero carbon emissions while delivering commercial objectives and building stronger, deeper customer relationships.

Case Studies

We work with large organisations, institutions and associations to help them generate additional revenue, through developing added value services for their customers.

Our Case Studies take a look at some of our recent partner success stories in France. They highlight the concerns the partner had and how we helped them.

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Our Team

Luke Nicholson
Interim CEO
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Mike Hogg
Non-Executive Director
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Anne-France Kennedy
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