"Climate leadership has never been more important than it is right now, and it is inspiring to see so many diverse companies and brands boldly raising their ambitions"
Lise Kingo
CEO and Executive Director, UN Global Compact

Our Story

The ON5 Group was born when Myriam Maestroni started a company that became a leader in digital carbon savings programmes. Since then, the company has expanded from 10 to over 250 employees in 4 different countries – and helped thousands of people reduce their carbon footprints while saving money.

The ON5 Group is committed to helping European businesses achieve their carbon emissions requirements as set forth by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As energy use is responsible for 60% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, the ON5 Group is devoted to using innovative technology to facilitate energy – and therefore emissions – savings.

Through these digital solutions, ON5 allows businesses to improve their customer engagement and retention, attract new customers to their brand and minimise the environmental impact.

Why ON5?

The name ON5 came from the concept of the 5th energy – unused energy and energy saved. The 5th energy is free of cost and creates zero greenhouse gas emissions; exactly what the global business community needs to focus on in the face of a changing climate. We have a strong social purpose at heart and help businesses build it into a commercial success.

While ON5 originally was born in France, its success was meant to be shared: over time, ON5 subsidiaries have launched in Spain, Italy and the UK. In the UK, the ON5 team is developing a new mass-market service to help UK householders carry out sustainable home improvements. If you have any questions about ON5 or are simply curious about our journey, contact one of our team members and we will be in touch.

Case Studies

We work with large organisations, institutions and associations to help them generate additional revenue, through developing added value services for their customers, employees or members.

Our Case Studies take a look at some of our recent partner success stories in France. They highlight the concerns the partner had and how we helped them.

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Our Brand Partners

What our partners say

“Looks like ON5 has found a great way to engage with energy users and raise awareness of how everyone can do their bit to reduce energy use and save money”.

Jon Saltmarsh, Head of Technical Energy Analysis,
Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


“We called in the experts from ON5 to facilitate energy efficiency workshops as part of our Reshaping Tomorrow Week, which is Wates’ framework for delivering sustainability in our business and for our clients. The workshops were practical and inspired our employees to think about the energy they use in their homes, how it can be reduced and how it can be bought better and cleaner by using switching websites to choose standard or renewable energy suppliers. The workshops met our objectives of supporting our staff to become more aware of Reshaping Tomorrow and gain a greater understanding of how to take practical action at home and at work”.

Luke Smith, Sustainability Manager,
Wates Group Services

Our Team

Luke Nicholson
Interim CEO
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Mike Hogg
Non-Executive Director
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Anne-France Kennedy
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Alan Outten
Senior Designer
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Olly Donovan
Experience Designer
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Landysh Yanborisova
Marketing Manager
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