ON5 Energy Saving Services

Three-year programme combining digital diagnostic tools and retrofit services for the SME clients of large corporations and institutions.

ON5 Biz offers the following chain of services:

ON5 Energy Saving Communities

Aggregating ON5 BIZ, ON5 HOME and ON5 ENGAGEMENT, ON5 Energy Saving Communities is a comprehensive scheme that offers digital and energy efficiency solutions, combined with engagement campaigns designed to help the stakeholders of local authorities save energy more easily.

ON5 Energy Saving Communities:
Making energy saving for all

Encompasses multiple community needs

The programme includes a digital tool and a communication campaign to encourage local energy users to renovate their properties or alter their behaviour. The digital tool includes an online questionnaire, individual diagnostic, personalised recommendations and monitoring solutions.

Benefits for local residents, tenants and local businesses

  • Provides the platform to record and track individual and collective actions
  • Uses competitions and challenges to drive the whole community to act, through ranking systems
  • Increases awareness of environmental and energy impacts, through the reporting and pledging of actions that generate financial saving and environmental impact

ON5: Impactful Energy Efficiency Retrofit and Engagement Schemes

Leveraging the benefits of energy saving for all

Benefits for Channel Partners (B2B)

  • Increased revenues (products and services)
  • Improved stakeholder engagement, loyalty and retention
  • Enhanced business performance
  • Contribution towards environmental targets

Benefits for Individuals and SMEs

  • Energy saving
  • More comfortable homes or offices (renovation works)
  • Smarter homes and workplaces
  • Reward schemes (vouchers and peer recognition)
  • Healthier work and home environments

Benefits for
local communities

  • Improved quality of life
  • Job creation
  • Strengthened community links

Case Studies

We work with large organisations, institutions and associations to help them generate additional revenue, through developing added value services for their customers, employees or members and helping them save energy.

The business benefits of ON5 energy efficiency programmes are illustrated in the case studies below. These benefits can be replicated to any industry, including, but limited to: industrial, banking, insurance, retail, transportation and energy.

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Our Channel Partners

What our clients say

“Looks like ON5 has found a great way to engage with energy users and raise awareness of how everyone can do their bit to reduce energy use and save money”.

Jon Saltmarsh, Head of Technical Energy Analysis,
Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

“By pairing something as impactful as tangible financially rewarding good behaviour with ON5’s wealth of experience in changing people’s approaches to saving energy, we have the power to shift social norms firmly toward making energy saving behaviour an unconscious reflex.”

Omar Rahim, CEO,
Energi Mine

“We called in the experts from ON5 to facilitate energy efficiency workshops as part of our Reshaping Tomorrow Week, which is Wates’ framework for delivering sustainability in our business and for our clients. The workshops were practical and inspired our employees to think about the energy they use in their homes, how it can be reduced and how it can be bought better and cleaner by using switching websites to choose standard or renewable energy suppliers. The workshops met our objectives of supporting our staff to become more aware of Reshaping Tomorrow and gain a greater understanding of how to take practical action at home and at work”.

Luke Smith, Sustainability Manager,
Wates Group Services

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